VolareVers & SETI Exclusive Partnership Announcement

Partnership with VolareVers

Transforming Learning Experience: The SET International & VolareVers Partnership

SET International & VolareVers are excited to announce their collaboration, a strategic partnership designed to revolutionise the learning & development landscape through the integration of Extended Reality (XR) technologies. By combining SET International’s expertise in educational innovation with VolareVers’ groundbreaking XR solutions, this partnership aims to create immersive, interactive learning environments that transcend traditional boundaries.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sonia Saleem, SET International Founder and CEO; Asif Zia, CTO; and Alia Naseer, Project Manager. Each of you has played a crucial role in the realisation of this partnership. Your vision, expertise, and unwavering commitment have been indispensable in setting the groundwork for a transformative impact on education worldwide.

Strategic Collaboration for Learning Excellence

  • XR-Customised Trainings: The collaboration introduces a range of tailored training modules designed to leverage the unique capabilities of virtual and augmented reality. These modules are developed to simulate complex, real-world scenarios in a controlled, immersive environment, facilitating a deeper understanding and improved retention of educational content across various disciplines.

  • Virtual Campus: The VolareVers Virtual Campus initiative will evolve into an extensive online platform that replicates the dynamics of traditional corporate environments and SET International will be exclusive partner to Virtual Campus in Dubai, UK & Pakistan. This platform will function as a central growth hub for professionals globally, facilitating their engagement in virtual meetings, skill-building workshops, and collaborative projects. It aims to connect employees and leaders across different regions, enhancing corporate learning and teamwork through a seamlessly integrated virtual space.

Global Reach and Local Impact

Our joint initiatives will be implemented across several strategic locations worldwide, including major educational and technological hubs in Dubai, Islamabad, London, Warsaw, Istanbul, Riyadh, and Doha. This global approach ensures that the benefits of our innovative educational solutions reach a diverse student population, offering them the tools and opportunities to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Vision and Goals

The vision of SET International and VolareVers extends beyond the immediate implementation of immersive technologies. We aim to set new standards for educational excellence, making high-quality, engaging, and accessible immersive learning for participants everywhere. Through this partnership, we are committed to fostering an environment where technology enhances learning outcomes and empowers participants to succeed in their academic and professional lives.

Engage with Us

To learn more about how SET International and VolareVers are transforming education through technology, visit volarevers.org / https://www.setinternational.ae/ or get in touch with us at info@volarevers.com Stay connected to receive updates on our progress and learn about opportunities to participate in pilot programs and early access to our new platforms.