VolareVers & SAVIR Business Partnership in Military & Labs

Partnership with VolareVers

Revolutionising Security Forces Training and Laboratory Environments

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with SAVIR, a leading firm in XR technologies. Through this collaboration, our primary goal is to develop military, police, and special operations simulations and to conduct these training programs in Poland, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, Qatar, and Türkiye.

Purpose of Our Collaboration

Our joint mission is to provide the most advanced and effective training solutions to defense and security forces. By leveraging the innovative and impactful capabilities of XR technologies, we aim to simulate real-world operational challenges and enhance the competencies of personnel to the highest level.

Training Areas and Technological Infrastructure

  • Military and Police Training Scenarios: We offer realistic situational scenarios such as family drama, hostage taking, terrorist attacks, and mass murders, providing a comprehensive shooting experience.
  • Diverse Scenario Productions: We develop a wide range of scenarios to prepare trainees for various potential situations they may encounter.
  • Real-Time Data Collection: Utilising advanced software and equipment, we collect real-time data during training to provide immediate feedback and improve performance.

Special Operations Simulations

Specialised simulations for special forces and tactical teams to develop precise operational skills.

Formal Education and Laboratory Environments

Additionally, our collaboration will extend to developing laboratory environments for formal education. These lab environments, specifically designed for educational institutions (primary, secondary and high schools), will provide students with opportunities to reinforce theoretical knowledge through practical applications.

Training Locations

Our training programs will be conducted in Poland, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, Qatar, and Türkiye, aiming to provide the most advanced training facilities for defense and security forces in these regions.


Through this strategic partnership, we aim to contribute to innovation and competence in the defense and security sector, enhancing operational excellence. Together with SAVIR, we are proud to offer the most advanced technological solutions to security forces and educational institutions.

For more details and information about our collaboration, please contact us