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Virtual Campus

VolareVers Virtual Campus is a dynamic and inclusive virtual platform designed to serve as a vibrant learning hub with its course library. It provides companies with real-time training sessions and networking events set in futuristic and natural virtual environments. Within these environments, participants can engage interactively with a diverse range of professionals, organisations, institutions, and companies.

Fueled by the VoLearn XR Manager (XRaaS), the platform harnesses artificial intelligence to analyse avatar and participant behavioural data. This analysis facilitates the creation of personalised learning paths and characteristics tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each individual, thereby crafting distinctive learning experiences for all users.

Through VoLearn and Virtual Campus you will have a chance to get access to VolareVers Simulations Library.
Immersive Learning Ecosystem Experience
A Growth Hub in Virtual Reality

Military Training

Our Military Training module leverages state-of-the-art virtual reality simulations, complete with specialised gear and weapons, to provide rigorous, scenario-based training environments. These programs are meticulously designed to enhance tactical skills, strategic thinking, and decision-making under pressure.

Participants can safely experience intense, realistic combat situations, preparing them for real-world challenges without the risks. The sophisticated software system collects and analyses all simulation data, ensuring a comprehensive learning and feedback process.

In addition, we will be providing all the equipment packages. You will be able to experience a fully immersive experience under different scenarios. It will be possible for you to experience scenarios such as mass murder, terrorist attack, family drama, murder, and hostage taking.

What Can You Get?

Real time simulations
Software for data demonstrations
Guns & Gears
Scenario Creation
Real time data analysis

Real Estate Excellence VR

Discover the future of property marketing and management with Real Estate Excellence VR. This module offers potential buyers and investors a virtual walkthrough of properties, enabling detailed inspections and customisations of spaces before construction begins. It's a revolutionary tool that enhances decision-making, increases buyer confidence, and revolutionises the real estate experience.

Before a single nail is even hammered, you will be able to see your future home and customise it as you desire. From its colour to its design, you will be able to experience many aspects of the home, from the interior to the outdoor area, in a fully immersive way.

What Can You Get Real Estate Excellence VR module:

Provides detailed, immersive property previews for informed choices.
Offers virtual customisations and previews, boosting buyer assurance.
Facilitates remote exploration and customisation, streamlining the sales cycle.
Allows early identification and adjustment of potential issues, minimising post-purchase dissatisfaction.

School Labs

Our School Labs feature transforms theoretical knowledge into tangible experience through interactive VR simulations. Students can conduct experiments and explore complex scientific concepts within safe, controlled virtual environments that mimic real-life laboratories. This hands-on approach deepens understanding, fosters curiosity, and nurtures a passion for learning across disciplines.

Students will have the opportunity to learn theoretical subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, and geography in a fully immersive way, experiencing each module within the courses separately and learning them practically. You will be able to experience laboratory environments, which we have designed to suit the dynamics of formal education, using both PC VR and standalone devices. Whether with goggles or at home, you will have the opportunity to practise.

What Labs Should You Imagine?

Virtual lab simulations for biology to study live cells and ecosystems.
Interactive molecular models and chemical reaction simulations for chemistry classes.
Virtual reality experiments on force and motion, and visualisation of light and sound waves for physics classes.
Virtual world tours for geography, studying the effects of climate change with 3D models, and simulations of natural disasters like volcanic eruptions.
VR or MR experience in psychical experiments.
Using virtual reality to recreate historical events and periods, allowing students to "experience" history to enhance their historical awareness.

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What makes us unique is:

Combining XR Technologies & Learning Methodologies

Engine Flexibility: We create projects using either Unreal Engine or Unity.
High Value Creation: We ensure quality in design and performance in development.
Share to Grow: XR projects are developed with input from learning ecosystem designers and L&D experts, not just developers and designers.