AR VR MR Trainings


The realm of transformative learning with VolareVers AR VR MR training programs harness the power of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) to revolutionize the way individuals and teams acquire new skills and knowledge. Through immersive experiences, learners step into virtual worlds that mirror reality, providing hands-on practice and experiential learning like never before. 

VolareVers AR VR MR Trainings offer a diverse range of applications across industries. From medical professionals practicing intricate surgical procedures in VR simulations to engineers fine-tuning designs with AR overlays, our programs cater to various learning needs. These technologies blur the lines between the physical and digital realms, allowing learners to engage with content in interactive, realistic, and engaging ways. 


Led by a team of experts in XR technologies and Learning & Development Professional, VolareVers AR VR MR Trainings offer a holistic approach to skill development. Whether you’re enhancing technical expertise, honing communication skills, or exploring complex scenarios, our programs immerse you in dynamic learning environments. 

  • IT Zone
    • Protected Zone: Cyber Security 
    • IT Lab Zone
  • Cultural Zone: People & Culture 
  • Engineering Zone
    • Oil & Gas Trainings
    • Aviation Trainings
    • Production Lines
    • Occupational Safety & Health Trainings
    • Construction
    • Extreme Customised Cases
  • Leadership & Team Zone
    • Orientation & Onboarding
  • Soft Zone
    • Soft Skill Course Customisation 
  • Extreme Cases and Visualisation 


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