VoLearn is designed as an XR learning management system and represents a next-generation learning experience management system. This system not only integrates AI and XR modules but also allows users to maintain their entire learning profile. Within the VolareVers Virtual Campus, users can participate in various courses, instructors can create XR course modules, and it extends to producing behavioural analysis reports. This platform is a comprehensive educational ecosystem in software form.

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Shining Diamonds on VoLearn

The First XR Learning System

VoLearn introduces the pioneering XR Learning System, setting new standards for immersive educational experiences using extended reality technologies.

Integrated with VolareVers XR-based Trainings

Seamlessly integrated into VolareVers' existing XR-based training programs, enhancing learning opportunities through advanced XR tools.

Integrated with VolareVers Virtual Campus

Fully compatible with the VolareVers Virtual Campus, providing a cohesive and comprehensive learning environment.

XR Manager and AI Learning Professional Modules

Features specialised modules for managing XR settings and AI-driven learning enhancements, catering to both educators and learners.

AR VR MR Course Material Creation

Enables the creation of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) course materials, offering dynamic and interactive educational content.

Do not worry; you will see your avatar on VoLearn, and you will also have the opportunity to gain full control over your XR system created by VolareVers on a single dashboard.