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Yusuf Köz attended Eskisehir Anadolu University and earned bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Communication Design and Management respectively. At the moment, he is concentrating his efforts on building a career in performance marketing and social media marketing. Yusuf Koz has a diverse background, having worked in both think tanks and the commercial sector. At Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Medya A., he served as a social media specialist in that capacity. At the moment, he holds the position of digital marketing specialist at Sapienta Digital, a company that he helped build and for which he is one of the founders. The software Photoshop, Figma, and Premiere Pro are frequently utilised by him. As a user experience and interface (UI) professional, he is contributing to the VolareVers project. He is in charge of the design of the learning management system (LMS). In addition to Turkish, which is his mother tongue, he is also fluent in English to an intermediate level.

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