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Hakan Bakırcı obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at Eskişehir Osmangazi University. In terms of professional expertise, he has been a Project Manager for his team for five years in his own industry. In addition, he has worked in the software industry for the past three years. Hakan Bakırcı is fluent in both English and his native language, Turkish. Working with freelancer platforms and various software agencies for a significant amount of time, he has developed websites for various industries, including construction, health, education, and consulting. In the field of Front End Developer, he has acquired expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Next.js, and WordPress, among others. Moreover, he is proficient in QA Test Engineering and proficient with software languages such as Python and Selenium. His experience in the disciplines of Front End Developer and QA Test Engineering continues to grow and expand. He is involved in the VolareVers project as both front-end developer and QA.

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