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Alp Karlıova holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Groningen and a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. With a background as a former national sportsman and musician, Alp brings a unique perspective to his career. His master’s thesis focused on creative performance and task structure. Combining his sports and music experiences with a career in coaching, he has excelled in coaching, acting as an instructor coach, artist coach, and young professional career coach. Alp’s expertise extends to young talent, where he supported high-school students in their preparation for central university exams. He has also contributed significantly to HR functions, working as a Recruitment and Performance Development Coordinator, and as a Senior People and Culture Specialist in an international Training & Consulting company. Alp is dedicated to specializing in talent management, creativity, learning and development, and the psychology of innovation. Alp is a P&C Professional and a certified coach with proficiency in Talent Management, Learning and Development, Performance Management, Team Alignment, Creative Process Coaching, Career Coaching, and Workforce Planning. Alp is fluent in Turkish and English, with basic Dutch (A1) and intermediate French (A2) language skills.

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